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Book bloggers and authors have a mutually beneficial where both the book blogging community and the online book community are benefited as well as the writing community of authors and writers.

The book blogging community and the bloggers have an incredible social media presence which can benefit any author and the content of the author is extremely beneficial to the bloggers and that is why these two groups must always work together.

However, if you are a new author and you do not know how to work with a book blogger then this blog is for you because we are going to talk about tips for authors working with book bloggers.

These tips are simple and easy to follow and will help you understand how the book blogging community works and how you too can benefit them and yourself.



There are a lot of book bloggers out there and they cover a wide variety of topics. However, some bloggers only cover books of a certain genre. You must always aim for both kinds of bloggers.

You must aim for bloggers who generally review every kind of book and these bloggers have a very wide reach of audience because they cover more than one genre. If you promote your book with them then that will mean that your book will reach a wider audience who might not be critical or the biggest fans but it will at least have the reach.

The second kind of blogger you must approach is the kind of book blogger that does a specific genre and nothing else. They will specialise in a certain genre and they will only promote books of that kind and they have a very critical audience who also read from a certain genre. If you want a targeted reach then you must approach these kinds of bloggers.

However, you must approach both kind of bloggers, for general reach and the targeted reach.


One of the most important things that you must understand if you are an author whether it is communicating with book bloggers or anyone else is that you must know networking.

There are going to be a few book bloggers that will accept your proposal of reviewing your book and there are also going to be a few book bloggers that are so popular that will not even have the time to review your book since you are a new author.

In order to get past this problem, the only solution is networking with the right people because networking will allow you to reach places which you cannot reach directly without any notable referral from someone.


Just like there are average authors and excellent authors, there are also good bloggers and average bloggers. Since your aim is the publicity of your book you must be able to identify and evaluate bloggers according to their popularity and the kind of reach they have.

You must also be able to the bloggers based on the quality of the reach they have because some bloggers are going to have a lot of reach but that reach will mostly be comprised of irrelevant reach.

You must therefore choose the perfect balance between relevant reach and popularity in order to promote your book with them.

You must also make sure to not only go for the biggest names but to also support bloggers that are new just like you but have very promising work and you must also be able to support them because support goes a long way in any industry and especially the literature community.


Of course, nothing is really free in the world and even if it is free, you must make sure to always give people freebies just from the kindness of your heart so that whenever they feel like doing something for you, they know that you are also willing to do the same.

Whenever you want a blogger to review your book you must make sure to send them a free copy of the book and probably a hardback cover or the best quality cover and along with that, you can send them maybe notebooks and a pen.

It is up to your imagination what you send them but if you send them these items then it will reflect on your personality and your character and they will be more likely to review your book in a kind way.


There is a formal as well as an informal way of doing things but you must always go for the formal option whenever you are trying to approach any blogger.

They might do blogging professionally or it might also be a hobby for them and both of these reasons are enough for you to understand that you must approach them in the way that they specified.

They might have a Google form where you can approach them or they might have a work email and once you start the communication you can then move on to a personal number and something else but you must always start the conversation officially.

This will not only mean that you are respecting their boundaries but this will also reflect on your seriousness and professionalism.

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