Children’s Book Ghostwriting Services: Create the Magic with Get Best Writers

Can there be anything that gives a greater sense of fulfillment than being loved by children? Be the successfully published kids book author and experience this out-of-the-world happiness.

 With the Children’s Book Ghostwriter of the Get Best Writers get ready to launch your first or next best publish. We have first-hand knowledge of the industry and a precedent of client success. The tale of Pauper to Prince, or victory of good over evil or that awe-inspiring legend’s unheard songs, children are all ears for what you have to say.

Whether you are an icon or not, whether you are a successful entrepreneur or a home-maker, if you have a story for the little hearts, you deserve to be heard.

 Your idea makes your identity, not a particular skill. That’s why you deserve to be backed up by the best Ghostwriting Services Agency in India. Get Best Writers have thus brought to you affordable ghostwriters online with a price crash. Grab your chance to fulfilling your dream now!

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Writing for Children: Our Service Package

Our comprehensive package includes both children’s fiction and non-fiction.

Picture Books(Kids between 3 to 8 years old)

These books typically consist of 32 pages and are of 1000 words or less.However, you can customize your package.

Early Readers(Children between 5 to 9 years)

These books typically consist of 2500 words.However, you can customize your package.

Chapter Books(Children between 6 to 10 years of age)

These books typically consist of 5000 to 25000 words.However, you can customize your package.

Middle Graders(Children between 8 to 12 years of age)

These books typically consist of 10000 to 55000 words.However, you can customize your package.

Young Adults(12 years old and young teens)

These books typically consist of 30000 to 90000 words.However, you can customize your package.

Children’s Book Writing Services: Building from The Scratch

Professional Ghostwriting: Our Working Process

Our work process is tailored for optimum satisfaction and ease after multiple trials. And the best thing is You Customise Our Work Process.

  • Discovery Calls: We provide you a no-obligation discovery call. In our consultation, we drop value bombs to empower you as our collaborator and explain to you the BTS to writing a kid’s book.
  • Questionnaire: We want to learn everything about your idea, audience age group, and research in excruciating details to keep a stored record so that you can be as little involved as you want, once you hire Get Best Writers. This form has basic queries about the concept and details. You add other necessary information.
  • Team Meet-up: Publishing a book involves planning, ghostwriting, and strategizing. You will meet a team of experts who will weave the figments of your dream into reality.                                                       
BTS after onboarding:
  1. Primary Preparation, Researching
  2. Planning sessions. Structuring the concept.
  3. Target Audience analysis
  4. Strategizing the draft as per your readers
  5. Developing manuscript
  6. Review sessions with the client
  7. Beta-reader reviewing and commenting
  8. Finalizing the manuscript
  9. Final edits as per client’s demand
  10. Final reviewing and navigating to a successful publish.

Be Successful Children’s Book Author with the Get Best Writers, Let’s, Partner!

Do you know what are the worst stories in the world? The stories that were unheard, unwritten especially if those were meant for little hearts. At Get Best Writers, we will join hands in weaving all the figments of your dream into a professional publish-worthy manuscript that children will fall for.

Why Are We Your Perfect Partners?

Because we have:

  • A Precedent of Proven Success
  • Bestselling Ghostwriters in Team
  • Customized Publishing Strategy
  • Editors with Expertise in Publishing Landscape of Bestsellers.
  • Comprehensive Service Package.
  • Personalized Work Process for Every Client.

Your plots, your ideas, your stories matter. We want to help you in every possible way in your mission to gifting the children the happiness they deserve. Your stories deserve to be told.

Hire an affordable ghostwriting service at the Get Best Writers. Let’s hop on a quick no-obligation strategy call.

See you soon, Magician!