Jan 04, 2022 | By admin

Website traffic is something that you can achieve in a multitude of ways, you can have great marketing campaigns and SEO as well as social media marketing and other techniques that drive people to your website.  But what after that?  You need to run a business and a business is run with customers, not just traffic. In this blog, we talk about the techniques and the ways you can bring in meaningful traffic. This is where carefully created content comes into play and by content, we don’t mean only the written stuff but every material marker that you push out into the world.  Let us look at a few ways in which you can transform your website traffic into a potential business by filtering out irrelevant traffic. We will be using the example of a car wrapping vinyl business. 

Audience interests –

You will be surprised to see how much of a difference good content makes and how much of that content gets noticed by your target audience.  If you are someone who is dealing with vinyl wraps for cars. You must have content that matches the style of the wraps and you must also have content that goes sideways with the product you are selling, such as how paint can be dangerous to the environment and why people should wrap their cars rather than paint it.  You can also produce content in line with your wraps as a way of showcasing your product, like for instance using the same wraps to wrap mobile phones of your clients for free.  Producing content not only means producing it online.

Clickbait –

Clickbait may sound wrong but if you are someone who is bringing the target audience through clickbait and then actually providing them with some satisfaction as to what they have expected then clickbaiting is not wrong.  You can use this kind of clickbait in every possible manner with your main goal of attracting the potential customers' attention for a meagre 6 seconds because that is the average attention span of a human.  Let us take the same example of the vinyl wraps on cars, you can create a clickbait like writing blogs on why vinyl wraps preserve the structural integrity of the original paint and to some extent, it may or may not be factually correct but it will at least draw the attention of the potential customer and you on your part are providing them with good quality material so there should not be any guilt trip.

Developing a voice –

Every brand has a unique way of communicating with their customer base and you must also develop a voice of your own and a taste of your own that is easily recognizable in the market.  You might choose to go the traditional way by giving free samples to influencers and having a great influencer base or you may do something completely wacky like supporting local doughnut businesses and offering free doughnuts to your customers with a special exclusive flavour that is only available in your vinyl car wrap customers.  Developing a voice does not end there, you will have to develop a unique way in which you proclaim your presence to the market, you can simply choose to reply with emojis to customer queries on Twitter or something else that becomes unique to your business. 

To the table – 

This is perhaps the most important point and this is the intrinsic reason why people should come and purchase a product from you.  You must be able to showcase a USP that others do not have.  USP can be something intrinsic to the brand like the quality of the vinyl wraps that you provide or maybe the detailed finishing you provide being second to none, or it can be something totally different like your style of doing business and the customer base that you have created.  Your USP must be something that cannot be copied by others.  This should be the reason why people would agree to spend money on your business.

Writing is king –

Even after everything you can fail if you do not have a robust set of content that can truly describe what you are trying to portray.  Writing is still king and writing is what will rank your website. Therefore, you must choose wisely the content that you put on your website and build landing pages that will actually rank.  You can do these multiple ways and one of the most basic and most rudimentary of them being keywords.  You must always remember that your website’s content is the structure that will back up everything that you have put into your business.  These were a few important ways in which you can make sure that only relevant traffic knocks at your business’ doorstep i.e., website.  If you are willing to hire the best content writing agency in India to help with your website’s content then look no further than us at Get Best Writers,  because we have ghostwriters for hire for every kind of content you require and with the level of experience we have in the content writing industry, we can guarantee that you will be satisfied.