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Today we are going to talk about how to create character sympathy and empathy. This is an interesting topic and also something important.

Those of us who are writers always find ways to write characters and we always try to make our readers fall in love with the characters.

One of the best ways to make a reader fall in love with the character is to know how to create sympathy for the character. Along with that, they must know how to create empathy as well.


Before we talk about the techniques for creating empathy with characters and creating a story on sympathy and empathy, we are going to understand why is building character empathy important.

The reason why writers built character empathy is simply that the characters are going to be more loved by the readers and if they are loved then they are going to be followed even more.

This means that the readers are going to read the book because they are going to be emotionally attached to the characters.

This will ensure that the reader’s attention span increases.

This is exactly why when you Google about this you are going to get many suggestions such as how to write an empathetic character and how to make a character more sympathetic.

You can call it a trick or you can call it a tool but it is a great thing to do and if you can do it and if you know how to show empathy in writing then you are going to have an overall memorable book.

So, let us find out how to create character sympathy and empathy in a story.



One of the simplest ways to make sure that your readers feel emotionally connected with the character is to make sure they have a very sad background.

If you make sure that you make your character’s journey very difficult then you are going to make sure that people are going to feel bad for them.

This bad journey can be everything from unfair treatment by the world to being born in unfortunate circumstances.

You might also add unfortunate coincidences and unfortunate bad luck into their lives but you must always make sure that it is realistic.

For example, the character’s misery should not be like this every stone thrown towards the air falls on his head because doing that will make the unfortunate circumstances look very artificial.

The sadness and the unfortunate treatment towards the character should be very realistic and should have social meaning.


One of the ways to make sure that the readers are very empathetic to the characteristics is to make sure that the character's struggle is very relatable.

The character must have struggles that can be very similar to most of your readers.

If your reader base is college students then you can have a college-student character with similar problems and that will make sure that your character is very relatable.

We can only truly feel sad for people with whom we relate to and with whom we can feel empathy for and this is one way to do it.

You must make sure to write in such a way that is very detailed and has all the minor details that other writers fail to mention.

This will not only make sure that your readers are empathic to the character but this will also make sure that your readers are going to fall in love with your writing.

Somebody might have said it right that a writer who writes about happy times is remembered for ten years but a writer who writes about difficult times can be remembered for a thousand.  


There are some qualities that are appreciated throughout the world no matter the culture and the region.

These qualities are simply like a cardinal fact such as the rising of the sun and the setting of the moon.

These qualities are qualities like truthfulness and kindness and honour as well as duty and the fulfilment of responsibility.

If you can create a character with these qualities and make sure that they are a very good person and have something unfortunate happen to them then your readers can feel sympathy for that person.

Think of your readers not as readers but as a jury and think about how they are going to react to a person.

When we analyse a person, we simply do not analyse that person based on one action but we also try to understand the past and the present together.

If you can, make sure to make a character can be universally accepted as good and create a story where they are not being successful then that can create an impact automatically in the minds of the reader.


Now that you have a pretty good idea about how to create a character you are only left with one element and if you add this crucial element then it will be a success story.

You have already created a character born into unfortunate circumstances and you have also made sure that the character is very relatable.

This will always generate sympathy but if you want to make sure that this sympathy generation is certified then you will have to add one simple thing.

You will have to make sure that the character is trying their level best.

Nobody wants to have sympathy for a person who simply accepts that situation and certainly not your readers.

Therefore, you will have to make sure that the character is trying their best but failing but still trying to get up in spite of all the hardships.

If you can do this properly then you have a success story in your hands.

We hope this blog has helped you understand how to create characters that inspire sympathy and empathy and we hope that you are able to create your character in a way that is loved by your readers.

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