Top 5 Free* Paraphrasing Tools for Content writers to use in 2022

Nov 05, 2021 | By admin

The thing with plagiarism is that it is not always intentional and whether you are a professional content writer or someone who is just starting out writing plagiarism free content is kind impossible because you will be speaking on something that someone has already spoken on and there is a high chance that the content can get mirrored.  This is where the best paraphrasing tools come into play. With paraphrasing tools, you can be certain that your content is authentic and original and you will not have to face the Google gods for content that has been plagiarized.   Now there are a lot of paraphrasing tools and how they perform and can vary a great deal in how effective they are at understanding your need.  Sometimes you simply have to write content where the content is monotonous but you have to inherit content, and then you will have a different paraphrasing need to a scenario where you are starting anew in an industry and you know what your product does but you do not know how to present it and you need to take inspiration from your competitors so in that case, your paraphrasing need will be different.   Paraphrasing tools work with simple algorithms in that their target important keywords i.e., which Google actually checks out to see if the content is plagiarized and the AI paraphrasing tool changes the keywords but then again this can be harmful to you because keywords are the main thing that draws people to your blog and your business so you must see to it also. So here is the list of best paraphrasing tools in no specific order. 

QuillBot –

QuilBot is an AI-assisted paraphrasing tool that is unique in that it has different modes depending on your need.  The different modes are standard, fluency, formal, creative, expand and shorten. As you may have noticed these modes will help you get the results you want.  For example, the mode formal will help you turn a piece of writing into a formal document style paraphrase with no informal words present but then you might have noticed the options expand and shorten.  So, the tool actually has an option to summarize your content as well as expand the content. The tool is free mostly but if you’re looking for a more diverse selection of words there is always the option to get a premium account.  

Paraphrase online –

this tool is as simple as it gets and there is not a whole lot to the stool simply the place called text before and text after.  Just paste your text in the text before and give the paraphrased result in the text after.  We have kept a website like this in our list because sometimes you just need a tool that simply does one thing and it is good at it and paraphrase online is an example of that, it has no complex systems and anyone with the knowledge to operate a website can use this and this is important because sometimes we professional ghostwriters and content writers forget that there is also this community of normal people who you need software that is not technically complex but can do the job for them and this is our offering to them. –

this paraphraser is just slightly is more advanced than the previous option but we can also suggest this to amateur content writers and ghostwriters who are just starting in this field because they do not need a lot of technical know-how skill or experience to use this website.  Visit the URL you will find a simple minimalist interface where there is a single place to paste your original text.  But here comes the added functionality of this website because there have options to choose between fluency, standard and creative.  And we love this website because of the simplicity of the names and you can very well understand that fluency means streamlining down the content you are pasted and standard means not changing the overall length of the content and creative means using uncommon creative words to give your artistic spin to the content.  This website also has the option to upload a document without wasting and that is quite handy and it also has a word counter for you never know when you need a word counter just like a screwdriver.  

Spinbot -

one of the oldest paraphrasing tools in the market, Spinbot is quite reliable in that it acts like our second option on the list. The word ‘reliable’ is the key here because Spinbot is nothing out of the ordinary and will not give you exceptional results it will perform for you just as you intend it to.  There is a limit to how many characters can be pasted which is 10000 and considering big articles this is not a lot but Spinbot will do exactly what you want it to do every time.  There are premium offerings in Spinbot for a few extra features but we would suggest you not get them because they are simply basic and not worth the money but one thing we can assure you is that Spinbot is here to stay.   

Go Paraphrase –

Go Paraphrase is not something extraordinary and the interface is quite basic and the website is not even HTTPS secured.  So why are we suggesting Go Paraphrase here?  Well, Go Paraphrase is free and they are quite proud of the fact that they are free and will not try to extort money from your content because they generate revenue through ads on the website.  This is also one of the websites from the Spinbot era and quite reliable and the most important thing is that Go Paraphrase does what it is meant to do so you can check out this website.   

Duplichecker –

This has not made into the list of paraphrasers because this is not a paraphraser but the next best thing. This is a plagiarism checker and one of the best in the industry. Simply input the webpages’ URL or upload the text file or paste the content and it will do a deep search and let you know if the same content exists anywhere on the internet. So here is a list of a few popular and reliable paraphrasing tools to help you paraphrase your content and these tools are really helpful if you are new to the ghostwriting industry but we all can agree that the best paraphrasing tool is a content writer itself because AI has still not reached the level of intelligence regarding content writing and that of the human mind and we at Get Best Writers are the best ghostwriting agency in India and we can handle any volume of content you desire from us and that includes plagiarism-free original content from our experienced professional content writers. Because if you want the best you need to trust the best.