Hiring a Business Book Ghostwriter: Things to know.

Apr 24, 2021 | By admin

If you are a motivational speaker, business guru, public figure, leadership trainer, CEO coach or the like, you already know how important it is to have a couple of very well-written books published and available in the market. One cannot emphasise enough – as there are several dozens of Celebrity examples to watch out for. Let’s have a closer look at how Business Books work out.

Most of the books are written as a commercial product; the reader buys it and if they like it they come back for more.  Not so with the author of a business book; more often than not the business book author cares not about the count of their book’s sales but about what the book sells. Of course it cannot hurt if the book sells well but they are aware from the very first that the main takeaways from the book are the other things it does for the business.  They include generating more leads, closing more deals in business thereby enabling them to charge higher fees and last but not the least, garnering more speaking engagements. Even if the book does not sell well commercially, the indirect benefits far outweigh the direct one.

The problem with business leaders is that they know what they want to say, they may even know how to say it, but they lack the necessary commitment and time to pen it down with the necessary flair. Some of them also lack the skill to turn their thoughts into interesting expressions that will attract the readers.

The most important skill that a business book ghostwriter must have is he same with other commercial books – they must be a great storyteller. Even with a reference book, there is a story and the ghostwriter’s job is to find that story out of the data provided by the client and place it before the reader so that they are attracted to the book. The present-day business books are most certainly based on stories.

Apart from storytelling, a business book ghostwriter must understand business in general as well – at least the aspect of the business that is being presented through the book. They need not have a business degree but they must have enough grasp of the subject at hand so that it can be presented in a manner that the average person finds it interesting. The expert team of business book ghostwriters at GetBestWriters.com has the pedigree and mettle to stand up to your high expectations, for extremely competitive fees. Check out our services page for our business book ghostwriting fees, work samples and more.