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In order to become a successful writer, you must be willing to take risks. You might not be willing to knock on the door of the traditional publishing industry.

You might even have to create contacts with ambitious aspiring writers and you must even need to read books on how to become a writer for beginners.

There are many steps involved in becoming a professional writer who is independent and actual book writing is the easiest step of them all.

What we are saying is that there are a lot of important steps that you must know so well that it becomes muscle memory.

You must be willing to update your writing routine and transform your habits in order to become a book writer.



One of the most common issues that new writers face is they do not know how to balance their professional life and writing life.

What we mean by this is that if you are starting new in the industry then you are perhaps not earning through writing just at the moment.

This also means that you must probably have another job.

Investing full-time in writing might be a risky endeavour and most people choose to keep even a part-time job on the side so as to support their family.

Therefore, you must strike the perfect balance between that job and your time writing.

One of the best ways to do that is to write and reserve a few hours completely designated for writing.  This will allow you to build a habit.

A lot of writers like to write at night and a lot like to write in the morning, there is basically no difference between them as long as you find the most suitable writing practice for yourself.

Consistency is the key here and you must never miss out on these few hours as missing out one day might give you an excuse for missing out the next day.

The people who become bestselling authors also have the best writing habits.  


In the previous point, we had discussed that one of the most important habits one can develop is time management and, in this point, we will discuss how you can actually do it.

Considering that you are new to this, you probably do not have the whole day to simply write and therefore you must do a few things to ensure that you accomplish some writing throughout the day.

In order to do this the simplest way is to set a goal and this goal might be a word limit.

If you are a full-time employee then you can reserve 1000 words a day or if you are working part-time then you can target 2000 words per day.

Now you might think that the word limit that we have suggested is quite low but you must understand that simply writing is not the major time-consuming thing.

This is not data entry where you simply have information and you write it down because in order to write your work you need to do a lot of research and planning.

In order to achieve the perfect time management schedule, you might even have to sacrifice a few things in life.

If you are a full-time employee then you must sacrifice the time that you usually spend on meeting friends and hanging out.

In order to meet your daily goals, you might even have to miss family events or other important events in life.

But if you are an aspiring author then you know perfectly well that you are going to do this just because writing is the biggest motivator in your life.


Networking is one of the most important activities in any business scenario and if you are an independent author then that can be regarded as your personal business.

In order to understand this, so that it might not sound crude, we have to understand it in business and marketing terms.

If you are the producer then your novel or story is the product and the key to the success of the product is similar to any other product, it needs to sell.

Therefore, like in any business circle a businessman needs to do networking with their suppliers, consumers etc, you need to do networking with other people in the industry.

These people might be publishing houses, other independent authors, agents and anyone and everyone associated with the publishing and literary industry.

Networking is one of the most important things that you must do because simply having a good novel is not enough because it will never become successful if people simply do not know about it.

As an independent author, one of the most important things that you must aim for is to compel people enough so that they might trust your work.

 This is why networking is important.


Of course, there are many definitions of what is an independent author and there are many guides on how to become an independent author.

But when we talk about independent authors we are mostly talking about self-published authors.

Some might consider self-publishing as the last option on how to become a published author, but there are a considerable number of advantages to self-publishing.

As a new aspiring author, it will be very difficult for you to find it traditional publishing house who are willing to take the risk of investing in your work.

Does that mean you never publish?  Does this mean you sit down with your hands folded?

Of course not!

The best option for you would be to publish your work yourself by investing your money and your time. This is also why networking is quite important.

With self-publishing, you do not need to bend and amend your work according to the wishes of the publishers and you can simply write and published anything you desire.

These were a few important steps that you must follow if you want to become a successful independent author. These steps are simple to follow and simple to understand and we are sure they will help you.

If you are still considering that all the steps might be a little too much for you and if you have taken care of the networking and the self-publishing part and if you are also a working professional that means a simple thing.

You simply do not have the time to write down the book but you have all the ideas about the structure and the plot and everything else.

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This will ensure that you have all the time in the world to do the networking and this will also ensure that your book will be a success.