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If you are a writer and you aspire to make a career out of creative writing then you must have heard of the term writer’s voice.

But you must have always asked yourself “what is the writer's voice, is it the writing style, is it the writing skills, or is it something completely different?”

Let’s explain the meaning of the writer’s voice or author’s voice.


In order to explain the writer's voice to you, let's explain something else. You must have probably eaten at a lot of restaurants and you must have probably eaten the same dish over and over again.

However, you will never find that two restaurants have the same tasting dish.

There will probably be a little or a lot of difference between the same food from different restaurants.

This can be attributed to different characteristics of the same dish, one might be a little less salty, one might be a bit more fragrant and the other might be a little hotter.

What we are trying to say is that a writer’s voice is basically like that, it is the combination of syntax, perspective, vocabulary and a lot more combined into sentences and paragraphs that form in a particular manner. 

This uniqueness is exactly what is called the writer's voice. Aspiring authors will very quickly understand what their voice is after writing a few short stories.

No writing course can teach you that whether you are into short story writing or you are into writing fiction.

You will find your voice in due time and some authors even compared finding the author's voice to finding love.



One of the primary things that you can do to develop a writing voice is consistency.

You need to be able to be consistent with the narration of your characters and you must be able to pick your favourite type of narration.

You might like first-person narration or third-person narration or, if you are brave enough,then second-person narration,  however, you must always remember your style and it is easier that way.

There is no rule written in stone that you have to maintain something but if you keep this consistency then your readers will be familiar with understanding your type of writing.


Be it fiction writers or nonfiction or any other kind of writer, a writer must know their purpose for writing before they embark on something.

We are not telling you to copy every work one after the other but we are telling you to find out the deep inner meaning behind your work.

Do you want to mirror your real life in your fiction?

Do you want to propagate any ideology? 

Are you writing because it is a kind of ode or memoir?

If you can find the reason and the answers to this question then you will never forget your point of view and perspective for writing.

Motivation is one of the key factors and if you forget or lose track of the primary reason for your writing then that can have a negative effect on your writer’s voice.


The thing about the writer's voice is that it might not come out in its most perfect form in the first chapter of your first book.

The writer's voice develops gradually and no matter how many books you read on ‘steps to find your writer's voice’, you will need to do this discovery by yourself.

Only you can know how to find your writer's voice, however, in order to do so, the process is quite simple.

You simply need to keep writing in order to form your very own personalised writer's voice which emulates you.

There is no substitution for hard work in the world of writing and if you want to make a career out of writing then the best thing would be to keep on writing and worry about your writer’s voice.

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