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Content is paramount to a business and especially any online business in today’s day and content writers make this possible through their understanding of the market and their appropriate use of keywords and their content. There are many ways of utilising a content writer for writing content for your business. You may choose to hire a content writing agency for writing your content or you might choose to have someone full-time who is only dedicated to your company and is a full-time employee hired to be the in-house content writer. While both of these have their merits and demerits, we are going to look at what makes them different and which one should be the best option for you.  

So, what is an in-house ghostwriter? 

 An in-house ghostwriter is someone who is a ghostwriter and a content writer that you hire as a regular employee and who has regular working hours along with the rest of your employees.  This means that this person has to be paid a regular wage along with other facilities that every other employee gets.   While you may think this is good because this person will stay with the company at all times and understand more about the company to write content but this is also the drawback that makes these options not that very well.  To write content for a company you do not need to understand that company as much as understand the market and along with that you also need to have a variety of understandings in mind which a single writer cannot accomplish. So, while this person can meet the daily content needs, they will not be able to have a pan-market understanding and market experience. 

What is a ghostwriting and content writing agency?  How do they function? 

 This is the exact opposite of hiring a person to do your content writing. A content writing agency does only one thing and that is content writing and providing ghost-writers for writing your content and they are experts at that. Not only do you get a wide variety of content and liberty to choose any particular group of content that suits you better from any writer that you prefer but you also get a professional level of quality that is on par and even better than the market standards because that is what a content writing agency has to do to survive in the market. Along with that they also handle the legal side of things such as copyrights as all the agreements they sign to mention that content submitted to you belongs to you and along with that you hold the copyrights to that.  And this is usually not done in the case of a single content writer who can sabotage your content and claim ownership in a few instances without proper documentation you do not know of.   

Why choose a content writing agency hiring a ghostwriter as an in-house content writer? 

There are quite a lot of differences between hiring a content writing agency than hiring and employing an in-house ghostwriter for your content writing needs.  Let’s look at a few reasons what makes either of them a better option for you.


Capital is something that is of utmost importance to a business and unnecessary capital spending can wreck a business and that is also true if you are hiring more than your need. This goes the same for permanently employing an in-house ghostwriter because not only will you have to provide them with a salary but you will also have to bring in the systems and tools in place that they will be used to generate content such as specialised software and other analysis tools to find out keywords etc.  Add to that their lack of expertise in multiple industries because it is humanly impossible to be present at it more than two places at once and you get a deal that is not looking so good.  Hiring a content writing agency is much more logical because they will offer your services according to your need and they can even provide you extra labour and workforce during rush hours and this is perfect for any type of business because they will charge according to the type and amount of content.

Quality –

A content writing agency is good at only one thing and that is providing you, expert content writers, for writing content and they specialise in this and with experience spanning across industries, content writing agencies are not only are experts in dealing with every kind of content need but they are also a periscope you can use frequently to view the market and they are quite insightful in this matter.  Therefore, they guarantee you a high quality of content, as well as professionalism and product delivery in time. Maybe your in-house ghost writer, can also provide you quality content as well as be professional but they can never have as much market insight as an entire content writing agency. 

Reputation –

As for the question of liability a single ghostwriter is not liable for the quality of content and they may simply choose to leave the job if their liability and quality of work is at stake but this is not the case with content writing agencies because bad content for them means bad reputation in the market and no content writing agency, whose primary job is to provide ghostwriters and content writers, will ever want that.  They are taking greater risks to ensure your content is of top quality at all times.  These were a few of the insights into hiring an in-house ghostwriter vs hiring a content writing agency that specialises in ghostwriting material and providing you ghostwriters for all your needs.  If you are looking for a good and reliable ghostwriting agency then you can search for good ghostwriting agencies in Kolkata and India as these agencies are quite reputable in the fact that they are in the market for several years and with extensive experience in content requirements of various industries.