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Today we are going to talk about something that infuses emotion into your story and much more and truly turns your story alive.

Today we are going to talk about mood in literature and especially mood in story setting and answer questions like how do writers create mood and how do writers create atmosphere.

We are going to learn about how writers can influence mood in story settings and also learn the basics of what creates mood in a story.  But before we do that let us understand what is mood and why it is so important to literature and creating a story setting.


A story is nothing if you cannot infuse your writing with emotion and create an ambience that is accurate with the place in literature. That is exactly what mood does.

The mood is basically the ambience that the writer needs to create in order to make the literature mood real and emotional for the reader. Without emotion, that piece of literature will just be paragraphs of information.

The more accurately a writer can create mood the better it is going to be received by the readers because it is not just about a happy or a sad mood and the mood can be a combination of different complex emotions that fit perfectly depending upon the scenario.


A story is only good if it can have a profound impact on the readers and a story is only good if the readers can be in tune with the entire experience.

A proper mood is important because it helps by reducing the distance between the pages of written text and the reader’s imagination.

While movies and other forms of art can have multiple tools to increase immersion with the help of colour grading and sound and cinematography. Written literature only has mood to accomplish that ambience.

We hope this has given you some idea about mood and you might be having several questions like how to create a sad mood in a story or how to write emotions in the best way possible etc.

Or even how emotional writing works and if mood is applicable for short stories or fiction articles etc. The next point of this blog will hopefully help you decode the art to mood writing even better.



The first point is quite simple because in order to infuse mood in the story setting you need to make sure that the setting is accurate for the mood that you are going to portray.  If you want to create a haunted mood, having a setting of a sunny day isn’t going to work very well.

You must make sure that the setting actually helps the mood rather than breaking it.


Immersion is the word you are looking for and it is very helpful if the theme of the story matches with the mood because establishing the mood becomes quite easy as the readers half expect the mood to match the theme.


We come to the most important element of creating mood because if you want the entire emotion of the setting and the entire character’s emotions to be in sync with that of the readers then you must use your words wisely.

If you want to create a mood that is sad you cannot use uplifting words such as for example awesome or amazing. If you manage to keep the words relevant to the mood then that will do half the work of creating the mood.


Tone is equally as important as words because it is all about making sure that things fall into the right place and that they are compatible. If you are creating a melancholy mood then you must have appropriate words that match with the emotion and the tone also has to be sad and melancholic.

Creating a mood is all about accuracy because you must make sure that the tone always falls in place and is able to invoke all the emotions necessary in the reader.


And finally, we come to the most important point because all the above points need to be used in the perfect combination if you want to create a believable mood for the readers to get immersed in.

It is all a game of combination and if one of the ingredients of this combination does not fall in place with the others then creating the mood would become difficult but if you can manage to make sure that the tone and the theme and the choice of words and the setting are perfect then you have got yourself a realistic mood.

We hope this blog has been helpful for you to understand how writers can infuse mood in story setting and how you too can utilise this important tool of literature.

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