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Today we are going to talk about plot twists and everything about them including the steps to writing a killer plot twist and successfully how to pull off a plot twist. However, before you begin you might have important questions, such as.

How do you reveal a plot twist?

What makes an effective plot twist?  

We are going to answer all these important questions about plot twists and types of plot twists, however, before we do that, let us understand what is a plot twist because that will help us understand a lot more about plot twists.


The answer to the question is in the name itself because a plot twist is a literary device that basically brings a twist in the story that the readers never expect. In order to write a compiling plot twist, you must always make sure it is a surprise.

You can place a plot twist in any scenario but you must always make sure that it is not too outlandish and that it has a good amount of foreshadowing because without any foundation the plot twist will seem like a miracle.

In order to generate unexpected plot twist ideas and create the best plot twist you must make sure that the reader participation is always there because they are going to try and guess the twist but your achievement will lie in the fact that the readers will be unable to guess because the plot twist is going to be so unexpected.

Now that you know what is a plot twist, you might be wondering how to create amazing plot twists and you might be searing for plot twist ending examples or even looking for plot twists generator or software, however, simply looking at examples will not help you with the complete understanding.

That is why we present you with some important tips to help you create amazing plot twists.



One of the most effective ways of creating plot twists is to simply kill any important character and there are several things you need to understand about this.

Human psychology is programmed to support, if not consciously then subconsciously, a few people that seem good or relatable or for any other reason which might make them likeable even if they are a negative character, the plot twist right here is quite remarkable.

Whenever you invest in such a character like this and drag their story and create a detailed story about them then the readers are going to think that this character is going to be there for a long time but when you suddenly kill that character, it creates one of the finest plot twists.


The best part about a plot twist is not that the twist is amazing but it is the fact that the readers have not been able to identify and notice all the things that lead to the plot twist.

For a good plot twist to take shape, there must always be foreshadowing not because it is there to help the readers understand that a plot twist is coming but it is especially there for the readers to understand that they have been missing the point the entire time and that is what makes plot twist quite mystical.


Sometimes it is a good idea not to count the character among your readers as they discover the plot twist together but sometimes it is a good idea to make sure that the primary character discovers the plot twist.

This is going to be very smooth because the flow will be excellent and the character is going to uncover the twist in a very systematic way that does not seem outlandish. Sometimes using narration is not the best option because when a character is discovering the twist, the twist will seem even more surreal and realistic.


This is a very old trick in the writer's tool book and it is to do with minor characters because we often do not associate or mix up primary and minor characters together. If we see that the writer is investing a lot of space in a character, we automatically assume that they are a primary character but here is the plot twist.

When the readers suddenly find out that a simple side character such as a simple worker or helper or even someone who stays in the background is actually much more important than the character with a lot of space and importance then that can create an amazing plot twist.


The whole game about plot twist is not letting the readers guess the correct outcome because that is going to do in the surprise factor and in order to do so you have a lot of tools in your arsenal.

You will have to use your tools and work backwards in order to make sure that there is foreshadowing but that foreshadowing has to be covered up by misleading twists so that the readers might not discover the real truth up until the time of the reveal.


The thing about plot twists is that you must make sure that the plot twist is at the perfect moment because suspense is something that is only good if it is built up with time and patience. 

If you reveal your plot twist too quickly then it might not even have a surprising effect because the readers are not accustomed to a certain structure which is going to be broken.

You must make sure that the readers are simply paying attention to how you want a story to go so that they might never guess that all their perceptions are going to be broken in a single moment.

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