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More movies and TV series are being produced today than in the entire history of the human race.

As a scriptwriter, people have more opportunities today than they had let’s say 5 years ago.

But how good is this opportunity if you cannot approach and sell your script to the top directors and producers?


The screenplay writing or screenwriting career is quite precarious and uncertain. Screenplay writing is the writing of the entire script for a play, movie, TV series etc and it is simply that.

A working screenwriter is living writing and approaching directors continuously so as to get people to be interested in their screenplay.

Most screenwriters sell very rarely their feature screenplay, however, if they write a script synopsis and follow a few important steps then they can hope for a better screenwriting career and sell their masterpiece.

So, if you want to sell your script and you want to know how to sell a movie script or you are looking for ways to sell a screenplay online then this is the perfect blog for you.



While in a perfect world they are no connections required if you want to get something done.

But this is not the perfect world and here if you are wanting to become a professional screenwriter, connections really come in handy.

This is the first point simply because this is the most effective point and in order to build connections, you can do a lot of things.

One of the most important things you can do is by moving through mutual lines and channels.

You must try and become friends with people from the industry and slowly move your ranks until you come across any directors or producers.

You must always be willing to have an eye out for talented people in order to make their acquaintance.

Although you must keep in mind that you should not try too hard because that can have the opposite effect of what you are wanting.

In order to start your acquaintances, you must go to events that are remotely related to the movie industry suggest theatres and other places.

You must try gaining your influence over there and make a few friends.

If you are already a journalist then you will have an easier time talking to people from the industry.


The thing about screenplay is that you might never know when someone is interested in your script.

In order to make sure that someone is interested in your script and use that opportunity will you must always have a synopsis of your screenplay ready.

This is basically a summary of your script and if someone reads this then they can have a full picture of what the script is going to be.

In order to write a synopsis, you must not spend more than four pages and please avoid explaining the entire story.

You must remember that you should not keep distributing your entire screenplay script around.

There can be people who can steal from your script and not even give you credit. Instead, you can use the synopsis to reach people.

Always keep a few copies of the synopsis in digital form as well as in paper form with you at all times because you might never know when you run into someone important.

Speaking of running into someone important, you must always be at those places where you can run into someone important such as the premiers of new movies and cafes and areas where creative people meet.

But it only increases your chances of having to meet the director or producer and pitch them your idea.


If you are planning on being a one-hit-wonder then you can write a script and spend the rest of your life trying to pitch the idea.

But if you want to make this your successful career then you must always have a plan.

Your plan should not be aimlessly roaming around film cities and other movie areas but your plan must be a detailed account.

In order to make this plan, you must make a list of the places where you are probably going to run into directors and producers and other important people in the industry.

After you have made this list, you must plan out your schedule likely so that you can visit these places at the time when there are important people there.

For example, if they frequent a café then you might not run into them on a weekday when shooting is going on but the chances of meeting them will increase during the weekend.

Keep in mind these things before you approach them.

Try avoiding agents because they can be a problem, especially for someone who is a newcomer like you.

They will most probably try to exploit you for a good script and not even pay you well.

You must instead aim for making contacts with the manager of film stars and other important people because they will be more helpful.


If you are finding it difficult to sell your script you can become demotivated but you should not stop at one script.

We would suggest you keep writing not only because that will keep you motivated but also because having more scripts will increase your chances of landing a film where your script will be used.

Having multiple scripts will ensure that they are more synopsis that you can send out to people and this is simple maths but it will increase the probability of you landing a director.

One thing you must understand is that this is the era of the TV series and movie industry and more movies are being made today than ever.

That also means that there are more scriptwriters in the industry just like you and in order to have a mark in the industry you not only need an exceptional script but you also need exceptional willpower.

This was the blog about how you can sell your screenplay script to the right people for the right money.  We hope this blog is helpful to you.

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