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The editing process in writing a manuscript is one of the most important stages of the entire process of publishing a book and the stages of book editing can become a very bit confusing if you are not acquainted with editing. It is also a misconception that editing is a single process but it is rather something complicated and has different stages and levels to it.

We are going to talk about all the different stages of editing and also all the different levels of editing which includes everything from line editing and copy editing to developmental or structured editing and much more including proofreading.

So, let us look at all the stages of editing.



This is the first stage of editing your manuscript and it focuses on finding out if the manuscript is well organised and well-structured and it also looks at how engaging the manuscript is for the readers. The developmental stage of editing looks at the bigger picture from a bird's eye view to find out the overall acceptability and readability of the manuscript.

There are a lot of specific areas where developmental editor places their focus such as the structure where the editor is going to find out the organisation of the manuscript and also verify the sequence of events and the overall plot as well as the pacing and they are going to suggest changes along the way.

Developmental editing also focuses on characterization because the evolution and evaluation of characters in the manuscript are very important. The actions of the characters are judged in order to find out if there are any loopholes in the story and the consistency of the characters are also checked by the editor.

Things like tone and style are also considered and the editor can make suggestions so that the tone is perfect for the kind of story the author is writing. Things like theme and message are also evaluated in this stage of editing.


This is the second stage of the editing process where the editor is going to focus on key specific areas that are a little bit micro rather than macro which was in the case of development editing.  

Clarity is one of the most important areas of focus for the editor so that they can find out if the text is clear enough or if there are areas of confusion and they can make suggestions to the author to change those areas.

The other important job of a line editor is to make sure that the grammar and punctuation are perfect because even the best authors can have punctuation simple mistakes such as sentence structure and also the use of commas and even things like subject-verb agreement and much more.

Other things like writing style are also checked so that the regions of flow can be improved and also the reliability. Sentence length is also evaluated as well as the use or overuse of passive voice and active voice.

We can also find an emphasis on dialogue when it comes to line editing because things like the pacing of the dialogue as well as the character's voice and the appropriate dialogue in the right moment are evaluated by the editor.


This is the third most important stage of editing and it has some parallels to line editing but think of it as emphasizing the aspect of punctuation and format to the highest degree when it comes to copy editing.

Copy editing will make sure that things like grammar as well as punctuation and spelling are perfect and these are scrutinized even more than the initial checking done during line editing.  Things like consistency are also evaluated by the copy editor so that the author's chosen style remains the same throughout the manuscript and the copy editor will also find out if things like headings and font size as well as spacing and subheadings are in the perfect format.

Copy editing can be summed up by saying it checks all the smallest areas or rather the chemistry of the entire manuscript in order to find out if everything fits properly and even things like fact-checking are done to make sure that real-world facts are properly mentioned without any misinformation.


And finally, we come to the last and most important stage of editing which is the proofreading stage of the editing. This is very important simply because this is the last and final barrier after which the manuscript goes out for printing and publication.

It is one of the most detailed ways of editing in order to make sure that no error slips through the cracks before the manuscript is sent out for printing because it will become irreversible after this stage. All the minor things are checked right from the spelling and typos where the proofreader will methodically read the entire manuscript to find out all the errors related to spelling and typos.

The proofreader is also going to check punctuation errors in order to find out incorrect or missing full stops or commas etc. They also check the sentence structure and tense in order to find out if everything is in the perfect order and things like formatting are also checked which includes checking the font size as well as the margins and alignment as well as spacing between letters and spacing between sentences.

After all the stages of editing and beta read or manuscript evaluation are done, the manuscript is finally forwarded to the printing office so that things like cover art and everything else can be finalized and the manuscript can finally be converted into its final form which is a book.

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