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They are certain ways how to write character arcs and that is just the beginning because there are even other ways how to write a compelling character arc among the different types of character arcs.

While there are many character arc ideas and also good websites that will teach you how to write character arcs, let us focus a bit more on the understanding of story and help you with a few important templates that are going to help you create your own compelling character arc.

These core principles are derived from the core principles of story theory and will help in creating a balanced character and will also help you with character evolution and you will know perfectly how to write a positive change character arc or a negative one or any other kind of character arc.


One of the most important things that you can do in order to create a compiling character arc is to have well-defined goals for all the characters.

In order to create the perfect arc, you must know all the goals of your characters and plan it out beforehand so that when you are trying to create the arc you can create over-arching arcs because that is more compelling.

You must make sure to use certain situations for the main character as well as some kind of problem that will create a situation for all the characters accompanying the main character to go on a journey or an adventure.

You must be able to generate tension and the entry of the unknown within the leaders and the best way for you to do this is to know the endgame and the goals of all the characters and to utilise them to the best effect.

If you start writing without having a predestined goal and if you plan on creating the goal later on then you will have no advantage as the author because you will be unaware of the characters' arcs just like the readers.

So, let’s find out the tips for creating stunning character arcs and find out 4 types of character arcs and how to write them.



While this is not as remarkable as the transformational type of character arc but this is also one of the most popular and common types of character arcs that have been used throughout history.

The basic tenant of this character arc is that the character usually starts as a negative person and then they slowly turn around their story and through different circumstances and become the opposite of what they were and turn into a positive character.

While this is not the most common type of character arc but this is one of the most popular types and this kind of character arc can even be seen in side characters in mainstream mediums.

In order to create a compiling positive character arc, you must be able to understand the role of the character in the story and whether it is the main role or the supporting role and you must also make sure that it is complacent with the genre that you are writing in.

A simple thing to do in order to make sure that the arc is well-defined is to have a story outline even before you begin writing.


This is the most popular type of character arc that we can find in nearly every genre and every kind of medium because this is something that can resonate with the masses.

This kind of character arc is usually reserved for the main character but side characters can also have this kind of arc.

This kind of arc usually starts with the character having a normal life and then certain circumstances and situations transform their normal lives and bring these normal people into the limelight as they slowly transform from regular people to the hero.

If you want to have a distinctive and standing transformation Arc then you need to make sure to have a good story outline in order to make sure that you define that arc even more distinctly.

You must also make sure that you write this kind of arc upon thinking and considering the genre that you are writing for.  A different genre can have different types of transformational arcs and you must keep that in mind and also make sure that the role of the character is well-defined in your mind.


This kind of character arc is just the opposite of the positive character arc and this kind of character arc can create negative characters.

This usually starts when the character has a good time and is usually a positive person or even a neutral person but certain circumstances usually alter their lives in order to create a negative change so that they transform into a negative character.

This kind of character arc is usually quite popular in the crime and organised crime genre because characters usually start on a positive note but certain scenarios and events turn them into evil because of the ill fortunes faced by them.


This is a kind of character arc that sometimes cannot even be called a character arc because there is no change in the character's actions and outlook.

They stay the kind of character that they were at the beginning of the literature and that can be good or even bad.

We can find this kind of character arc in superhero literature and also when it comes to villains that have been the same throughout the beginning all have very short roles.

While this kind of character arc is rare but we can still find them if we look hard enough.

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