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Believe us when we say that writing is difficult and with writing there comes many challenges that we writers face. In this blog, we will briefly discuss the problems writers face and possible solutions to these problems. While these problems may vary from writer to writer, we at Get Best Writers have managed to put together all the problems that are generally faced by every kind of writer including ghostwriters as well.


A huge part of writing is the fact that we have to manage our time efficiently and this time can be roughly divided into two parts one being the actual writing part which includes everything from research to format setting etc and the other part consists of editing after the writing is complete. A good edit and a bad edit can be the difference between an article getting published and rejected and therefore there is always the urge among us to keep editing as we write but this may not always happen because of time constants. The best way to go about this is to immediately start editing after an article has been completed so that pending work is not left out.


Writing used to be an excellent thing back when writing was done by monks and scholars who did not have the internet and the distractions it brought. While we would never like to trade places with them. Social media and the internet is the greatest adversary to our work.  The best way to go about this is to think that it is not nice to browse the internet and have pending work left because you will not be able to browse the internet comfortably with work at the back of your mind.  So, the best approach would be to complete the work and then browse the internet as well as social media freely.


This is quite a common occurrence and happens to the best of writers. Forgetting something does not mean that it always has to be that way and the solution to this is quite simple. You simply have to carry a piece of paper and a pen with you at all times and that can be a small notepad and a small pen and whenever and wherever ideas come you must pen down using small keywords so that whenever you look at these keywords, you get reminded of the whole idea. While many would suggest that you install a notepad app on your phone and that can also work but what if your phone’s battery dies down or even what if your phone gets stolen. That is why a physical notebook is excellent because nobody is going to steal a small notepad and it will never experience a low battery situation.


Overwriting happens to the best of us and you should not worry about overwriting. Before talking about overwriting, let us explain what is overwriting,  it is simply overexpressing the ideas you are trying to write and the intention for this is that you do not want to miss out on any points. While this may all seems correct, overstretching anything can be bad and with writing specifically, it is even worse, it makes the article diluted. The best way to counter this is to always think about the reader while writing and why this you will understand what the reader feels like and if the reader will be happy with a simple topic being explained for 2 to 3 whole paragraphs. You must also keep in mind the interest level of the reader as well and therefore you must compress your ideas and make them concise.


Bad feedback can be detrimental if taken in the wrong way.  Whenever someone criticizes your work you must never look at it in a way that makes you think you are a bad writer and that writing was never the perfect career choice for you.  Instead, you must take these criticisms happily and take in points wisely so that you make changes to them after you have analysed the validity of these points.  While most of the time bad reviews come from personal bias,  some of the time these bad reviews can actually sound quite sane and therefore you must never ignore bad reviews and feedback but you must also never let these reviews get to your head.


One of the most infamous problems faced by writers is writer’s block simply put this is the time when you are out of ideas and you don’t feel like writing anymore. They are various ways to deal with this and one of the simplest ways is to remove distractions from your life yet always keep writing.  Check out our infographic where we discuss how the problem of writers' block with a few simple steps. So, this was the blog where we discuss the various problems that come to writers when they are trying to write.  We are professional writers and we at Get Best Writers are the largest and most reputed agency for hiring ghostwriters in India.  With us, you can hire every kind of ghostwriter from scriptwriters to children’s book writers and commercial ad scriptwriters.  Check out our website for more details.