5 Best Career Options For Writers in India

Dec 06, 2021 | By admin

India is emerging as a good market for writers to prosper and within the past couple of years, there has been a steady rise of writing-related jobs that young Indians are pursuing and with success. Be it as an author or being a ghostwriter or a content writer or any other kind of writing-related job, writing, in general, is being considered a good career option by many writers. This blog will discuss a few prominent jobs and career opportunities that prospective writers can am for.   

Author -

this is perhaps one of the most prominent careers a writer can hope to accomplish in India and because of the rise in readers and people of all age groups having access to English and reading books, India is becoming a hub for new budding writers to venture into the world and bring in classics. There has been a steady rise and a success rate has been seen in how authors are publishing their books in the domestic market. Being an author can be a lengthy process but we can break it down into many levels. One must start somewhere and this beginning should be by completing their manuscript and then sending it out to friends and close ones and critics likewise to be evaluated rather than the author reading it by themselves. After this has been done the author can then send in their manuscript to prominent publishers in India and they can see to it if it is worthwhile to be published. However, this is a lengthy process and the success rates in this kind of a process are limited because any job requires job experience and the same goes for being an author and publishing houses take a lot of risks while publishing books and so they do not generally go for first-time authors unless they produce something extraordinarily remarkable therefore a budding author in India can hope to publish their works by an easy and secure way through one of the prominent self-publishing houses in India. With self-publishing houses, the amount of scrutiny decreases because these publishing houses are not taking that great of a risk and through them, authors can hope to get a launchpad to launch their creations.   

Content Writing -

India is becoming one of the emerging markets in the service sector and that includes software designing and development and website designing therefore the need for content writers has risen in the past couple of years. Content writing is simply put, writing the content for a certain space and that may include websites, product information as well as writing and designing content to be put on advertisements. A budding content writer still has to have a portfolio with which they can approach content writing and content writer hiring agencies so that they can work full time as a content writer or even approach companies directly for being hired as their in-house content writer. They can hope to create their portfolio by writing for free on numerous blogging websites and by choosing a variety of topics with which they can create a portfolio that they can produce for the hiring agency. The content writer can also hope to create a presence by writing in Facebook posts and all kinds of writer groups on Facebook as well as creating connections and writing on LinkedIn. They can also start writing as freelancers for different websites that pay by the word or pay by the hour and this will help them gain excellent experience which they can utilise later.  

Journalist -

With the advent of digital media the need for journalism and their vacancies are increasing by the year and a lot of youth are considering journalism as a good career opportunity and this includes budding writers. The career path of a journalist is a lot more difficult and rigid because a writer can enter the world of journalism through their writing skill but if they hold a Journalism and Mass Communication bachelor's degree it would help them access and enter the world of journalism and also have valuable knowledge and technical know-how to write as a journalist. Therefore any aspiring writers must be able to produce a bachelor's degree and then write as a freelance journalist in various kinds of blogs and write articles in all of their social media portals and then they can approach news firms and this portfolio which will vouch for them and will make it easier for them to get a job as a journalist.  

Book Editor -

being a journalist is quite the same as being a book editor in that the person must follow a rigid set course to become an editor. The writer must have an excellent command of language and must hold a degree in their respective language's bachelor's degree. They must have great command over grammar and then a writer can start researching and learning and taking various online courses to learn book editing. After that, they can approach various book publishing houses in India as an intern which is often very poorly paid or even work without a salary. But this will help them get into the circle of book publishing and the literary world and if they are passionate they can hope to score a job in the publishing house they are interning at. They can also hope to do book editing on any kind of textual editing as a freelancer and go to one of many freelancing websites that pay according to the project or by the hour.   

Blogging -

Blogging has been a relevant staple for writers from the advent of the internet which makes it one of the oldest writing jobs online for budding writers to start and there is no digit framework to start blogging. A writer can hope to create a blogging website and start writing about various topics and then they have to promote their blogs on various websites and encourage people to be a constant visitor in their blogs and only then can they help to monetize their blogs. Earning a stable income from blogging can be very difficult in the beginning however there are many examples to suggest that a passionate blogger and writer can hope to reach the Zenith of success through blogging.    These were a few of how a person passionate about writing can hope to have a writing career in India. However, if are looking to hire ghostwriters for all your content needs, we at GetBestWriters are your best option because we are India's most trusted ghost-writer hiring agency.  With us, you can hire any and every kind of professional ghost-writers online at industry record affordable rates.