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Today we are going to talk about a very interesting topic which has to do with your ability to write. It is not just ability that we are going to talk about it is quality that has been acquired through practice.

We are of course talking about your writing self-efficacy. So, before we understand how to build writing self-efficacy, we need to understand what is self-efficacy in writing.

So, let us understand that first so that we are able to dive deeper into this topic. This will help in our quest for exploration of writing self-efficacy.


In order to understand writing self-efficacy, we need to understand what self-efficacy means in general.

Self-efficacy is actually the level to which you believe you can do something. The better you are experienced in an ability the better you are able to do it. The more time you have spent doing something, the more times you can do it better.

It is directly linked to confidence and it is something very simple to understand. It all depends on our level of motivation. In order to build self-efficacy, you need to start from low self-efficacy and just push ahead.

If you improve self-efficacy then you are ultimately going to increase self-efficacy. Let us now return to writing self-efficacy. Although you might already know what it is.

Writing self-efficacy is basically an individual’s level of confidence and belief in their writing skills. It is deeply rooted in the social cognitive theory by the one and only Albert Bandura.

Writing self-efficacy is self-efficacy at the time of writing.  



Numerous studies have concluded that confidence is one of the key factors to improve writing self-efficacy. If an individual has faith in their writing self-efficacy, then they are going to write well.

If someone is confident in one’s ability to organise thoughts and create ideas and utilise good structure to form content then they will be able to do so. That someone will have better creativity.

It has been found that writing practice is a good contributor to self-confidence. A person with high self-confidence will be able to improve self-writing efficacy a lot more than someone without any confidence.

It basically states that confidence is a fuel to increase self-efficacy and self-efficacy itself fuels self-confidence.


Writing self-efficacy can have a very positive impact on an individual's level of motivation. If the individual can be made to believe that they can do something then they will be able to do it better.

These individuals will be better at writing skills development because they are very good at the exploration of writing self-efficacy.

This concept of writing self-efficacy brings to light real evidence. This real evidence shows that if someone believes that they can do something then they can actually do it better than someone without any confidence.


Setbacks are an important marker of writing self-efficacy. Someone with a better ability to handle setbacks will be better at that work, which is writing in this case.

Writing promotes self-reflection and allows the individual in learning from mistakes. This is a very good quality and it improves persistence.

This improves the ability of those individuals to face challenges better and have a better response to obstacles.


If you want to know how do you build self-efficacy then you should understand that goal setting is an important behaviour of writing self-efficacy.

The people who have better writing self-efficacy are more likely to accept goal setting as a way to improve their writing skills. Even time management is a form of goal setting to them.

This attitude of creating challenges in the form of writing exercises and writing prompts and much more can help the individual gain confidence.

Now you must understand that writing self-efficacy is not something genetic. It is not formed one fine day out of the thin blue sky. Several factors influence the formation of writing self-efficacy.

We are going to look at those factors that can contribute to the improvement of writing self-efficacy or the diminishing of it.


· Experiences In the Past

Several factors can influence writing efficacy. Past experiences have one of the most profound impacts on self-efficacy.

This is because if the individual has received praise as well as recognition for their past endeavours in writing then that will have a positive impact on their self-confidence.

This will improve their self-efficacy. If the environment is caring and nourishing then that will have a positive impact on writing self-efficacy.

Similarly, if that individual has been shamed for their work and has received harsh criticism then it will have a negative impact on their writing self-efficacy.

It will diminish their confidence and it will prevent them from taking new leaps into the world of creativity. They will be afraid of risks.  

· Healthy Feedback and Support

Constructive criticism is an important aspect of writing self-efficacy. It is not harsh criticism that can totally destroy the confidence of an individual.

Constructive feedback and constructive criticism is pointing out the mistakes of an individual and then suggesting things that can improve their writing skills.  

This positive reinforcement in confidence is excellent for writing self-efficacy.

Feedback should be followed by support which always promotes growth and assures assistance whenever that growth is interrupted.

· Modelling and Examples

Modelling is a very good way to improve writing self-efficacy. Modelling is basically helping individuals learn from examples.

This involves providing access to good writers and experts in any kind of writing. This also involves helping individuals understand different aspects of writing so that it can provide them with an idea of how to write better.

Modelling is excellent because it promotes and encourages people to draw inspiration from already prominent areas and examples of skill.



If you want to improve your writing self-efficacy then you need to look for small wins. These small wins are only possible when you break down your work into small goals.

Breaking down your work into small goals will involve creating simple writing tasks. These should not be very challenging and they should be fun to do.

Perhaps it can be writing one or two paragraphs in the morning with a certain word limit about the current political scenario in the country. You can get as creative as you want with these goals.  

And doing this will prompt you to keep on writing and once you complete these tasks you will find a boost in your writing self-efficacy.


You do not have to look for critical cognitive theories to understand how this works. You should simply understand something that works for nearly everyone on Earth.

It is that if you practice something hard and if you keep on doing something then you are definitely going to get better at it. You are going to get more experience in that task.

If you do it enough times then it can even develop as a regular habit which will make it even easier. That is why if you keep on practising writing, it will improve and grow on you positively.


Always associate yourself with people who are honest but positive. You should surround yourself with people you can trust blindly to give you a constructive opinion.

You do not need to be with people who agree with whatever you say. You need to be with people who can disagree with you. And these people should be more experienced and skilled in the skill you are seeking.

When it comes to writing self-efficacy, you need to surround yourself with people who are good at writing and you need to ask them for feedback. You need to request them to find out the flaws in your writing skills.

Just finding out those flaws is not enough and you need to pay attention to them and incorporate the feedback into your skills.


Confidence gives birth to confidence. You need to seek out individuals who are just like you and have been successful when it comes to writing.

It can be individuals with a similar socio-economic background. It can be individuals with the same level of understanding of concepts as you. It can be individuals who live closer to you so that you can observe them.

Whatever you do, you must find individuals that have tasted success and have things that you can relate to. This will be excellent for confidence because it will help u understand that if they can, so can you.


While it is not encouraged to get obsessed over past successes but it is definitely a confidence booster. Past successes can also be a great teacher.

That is why you should record your successes in great detail so that you can analyse them later on. This will provide you with feedback to understand what you did correctly.

It will be personal feedback so that you can get back to the mindset of success. If you revisit happy moments in the past then it can bring back momentary happiness and that is similar to revisiting past successes.


The bigger the risk the bigger the reward. If you need to improve your writing self-efficacy then it is vital for you to take risks.

That does not mean you are going to take random risks but you should take calculated risks. You should be able to embrace challenges so that they can challenge your comfort zone.

If you want to grow then you need to push yourself beyond yesterday or else you might just be the same as before.


Harsh criticism is always bad for writing self-efficacy. You need to surround yourself with people who love and admire you and your spirit and confidence.

You need to support those people and you need to be honest with them about their writing abilities and provide constructive criticism as well. They are going to do the same with you as well.

These people can be your teachers or they can even be fellow writers or editors and people who are deeply connected with the writing community.



The biggest drawback of low self-efficacy in writing is reduced motivation. People with low self-efficacy will find it difficult to believe in themselves when it comes to writing.

This will lead them to not participate in writing activities. They will not do modelling and learning from examples. This is because they are always going to expect negative outcomes which will prevent them from taking any risk.


High self-efficacy leads an individual to believe in themselves and accept challenges with a more positive outlook. They are not surprised at challenges and obstacles.

When people have low self-efficacy, the exact opposite of that can take place. People will not want to face challenges and they can crumble at the site of small obstacles.


One of the symptoms of low self-efficacy is negative emotions and negative thoughts about one’s abilities. If someone has low self-efficacy then they are going to repeat their failures to themselves.  

Their failures are going to overshadow their successes and it will always create an environment of negative self-talk inside their mind.


It is an established fact that low self-efficacy leads to depression and anxiety. If someone has low self-confidence then they are bound to feel the impact of anxiety and stress.

They will not try and take any risks for fear of failure. This fear of failure will always lead them to fall short of their actual capabilities. They will not even risk the effort to try and find out if they can do something.



Someone with high self-efficacy in writing will be able to generate ideas more easily than someone with low self-efficacy.

This is because high self-efficacy people are just confident in taking risks with their creativity even if they understand that it might not be good.


A person with low writing self-efficacy will have their thoughts all over the place. They might have good thoughts and very creative thoughts but they won’t be organised.

Their thoughts will not be clear and they will not be able to build on existing thoughts. A person with high self-efficacy will have the opposite effect.  

They will be able to channelise their thoughts and organise them and partition them so that they can finally do something with them.


Someone with high self-efficacy will display better grammar and punctuation. They will also show that they have a more refined vocabulary.

This is because they will choose to get out of their comfort zone and their comfortable collection of known words and venture into the unknown to learn new words and grammar.


Someone with high self-efficacy will also be very good at editing written text. Editing requires a high level of self-confidence and trust in one’s own abilities.

That is not possible if someone has low self-efficacy because they will not even have that state of mind to criticize someone else’s work.

Self-efficacy is all about believing in yourself and trying out new things and taking risks. Self-efficacy in writing is about trying out new ideas and building on those ideas and actually writing something about them.

Self-confidence and self-esteem as well as self-efficacy are all related and if you can make them work together then they are going to be effective together. Several educational institutions are introducing writing self-efficacy scales to help students build self-efficacy in writing.

You might have issues with self-confidence but you just need to go out there and try out new things. It is just like a leap of faith because once you take that leap of faith you are going to keep on building over it.

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