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Every unforgettable story starts with the story's idea and storytelling is the quest for the most impeccable and accurate recollection and the manifestation of the idea.

If you want to become a professional storyteller or a writer and if you feel like telling a story then you must be able to cultivate the idea you just had into the best manifestation possible and create a manuscript out of it.

An idea is something rare and it is precious, if you meet writers, you can ask them about writer’s block and they will tell you how important it is to nurture an idea and treat it properly.

If you do this correctly then everything from the story’s structure to the character development will turn out well and after that, you will have a good first draft, you can then start the self-edit process and figure out the editing, but if you do not utilise the idea properly then everything else will crumble.

So, let us find out how to turn an idea into a story and eventually how to turn an idea into a novel.



Inspiration and ideas can come anytime and anywhere and that is why whenever you get a spark of something, a thought, that makes you feel like you need to get out into the world, you know you have an idea.

Simply save it in multiple formats, take out your smartphone and start the recorder and simply speak out your idea because that will be the quickest way of transforming your idea into something concrete.

After that, take out the piece of paper or your notepad application on your smartphone and write down the idea.

The most important step is complete.


When we say you must water the idea, we do not mean you must water down the idea and dilute it.  

We say ‘water the idea’ because it is quite similar to a plant that needs to be cared for and watered in order for it to develop its roots like a plot.

We hope that this has been able to help you understand the difference between an idea and a plot because if you get an idea then you will be able to nurture it into a plot.

An idea can be anything and can be very short or even a long-drawn idea but you must try to create a plot that will ultimately result in that idea being expressed in the best way possible.

The idea is the conclusion and you must therefore create something that will arrive at that.


Keeping the reader in mind is the most important thing when you are trying to convert any idea into a plot.  

We are not saying this because you must create the idea into something commercial and successful but we are saying this because you must make sure that the idea is converted in such a way that the reader can understand.

If you think about the reader's perspective when you are doing this conversion then it will be quite easy for you to transform this idea into a working and functional story.

The reader is the ultimate person here even if you never decide to release this story to anyone but if you have the perspective of a reader then you will be able to convert this abstract thing into something real.


Now that you have the idea planted in your mind and also saved and now that you are starting to have an idea about the plot, you must create plotlines and you must create temporary characters without any names and what kind of a role they will play in helping realise that plot.

After you do that, you can start with creating important moments in the plot and how they are going to transform the story and help the plot line reach the climax.

This is totally a personal thing and this step varies from writer to writer but you must expand outward from the idea and not the opposite. The idea should be the nucleus of the plot line.


While you are doing this you must keep a few important things in mind and one of the most important things is that you must always have the story's theme in mind.

You must always have a clear idea about what the story is trying to express and what kind of a theme you are trying to portray with it.

This is quite important because an idea can be very abstract and can lead to multiple stories with very different themes but you must narrow it down to the theme of your choice.

After you have done this, you will have a very good starting for your novel or story. After figuring out the plot you can utilise something very useful called the storyboard which will allow you to have a bigger picture of the entire plot.

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